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Transformation through Process Facilitation

Alkimia empowers authentic individuals, communities, and organisations by writing content and by facilitating the personal, the affective, the cognitive and the contextual into material that is person-centric, compassionate, challenging and impactful.

We focus on human rights, gender, race and diversity, and conflict resolution.

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Breaking down racial barriers

Our signature Race & Identity Workshop is a three day process exploring racial identity and experience of race to dismantle the divide through connection and story.

A safe space for you to grow

"Nuanced understanding of human rights."

Tuli and Patsy both possess high levels of EQ and a nuanced understanding of critical developmental human rights issues. They are excellent content developers and person-centred facilitators who are able to work with emergent processes on a variety of different themes.

Flavian Rhode, Executive Director
Positive Vibes Trust

"Truly transformative."

Alkimia implements truly transformative processes on a range of difficult issues. Their work has a big impact.

Alvaro Bermejo, Director General
International Planned Parenting Federation


"You will not find a stronger combination anywhere."

Tuli and Patsy make a uniquely impressive team. Tuli’s ability to gently and powerfully catalyse change in her facilitation and Patsy’s masterful skill in weaving rhythmic transformation into her curricula are both art and science. Our numerous, positive external evaluations on their work have proved you will not find a stronger combination anywhere.

Lee Mondry, Deputy Director
Positive Vibes Trust

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"Their impact is still felt."

I am so impressed with Patsy’s and Tuli’s ability to work with an audience of very diverse people, to hold that space sensitively and to support at individual and organizational levels. The work we engaged in was truly transformational for our organization – it elevated our own knowledge, perspective and ultimately quality of our programming and we still see the ripples of impact several years later.

Cat Simmons, Lead: Programmes, Frontline AIDS


"Participatory and enabling."

Tuli and Patsy’s approach to facilitation is caring and warm – creating a safe atmosphere where you feel confident to discuss very personal thoughts without feeling threatened or judged. Their curricula include interactive exercises to help work through complex issues and distill ideas in meaningful ways.

Shaun Mellors, Director Programmes and Technical (Positive Action)
ViiV Healthcare


"Creates a profound shift in thinking."

Patsy is one of those individuals that you should pay close attention to; listen to in layers.  She will take you on a journey of discovery to the root of the matter. Using her own experience as a mother, teacher and counsellor, she keeps a constant ear to the ground, intuits the subtext and her resulting interventions have the ability to create a profound shift in thinking.

Lynne van Dellen, Head of School
King David Primary School


"Dramatic effect in changing attitudes."

Patsy is an outstanding facilitator and curriculum designer, and the key developer of the powerful Looking In, Looking Out (LILO) methodologies for Positive Vibes. I have seen the dramatic effect of this method (in changing attitudes) on many of our partner organisations.

Carsten Norgaard, Former Director of Oxfam Ibis in Southern Africa
and Royal Danish Consul to Namibia

"Generous and engaging."

Patsy’s expertise in counselling, adult education, and positive psychology combine with her rich experience with communities and individuals on the social fringe to produce a gifted developer of curricula and methodologies for participatory workshops.

An equally skilled process facilitator, Patsy is a generous and engaging collaborator, committed to team approaches and partnership. It has been a pleasure to work with her and feel sharpened by her across a range of settings, communities and constituencies across the African continent.”

Ricardo Walters, Independent Consultant

"Excellently written."

Patsy helped our DFID consortium get to grips with complex realities around gender inequality and marginalisation, whilst enabling honest reflections about our attitudes and potential biases. The curriculum Patsy developed for the programme is so excellently written, that it made the facilitation preparation much easier.
I like how user-friendly it is!

Emma Haegeman, Senior Technical Expert
Governance,Voice and Accountability, Social Development Direct, UK

"Listens and perceives the unspoken."

Our Positive Vibes/LGBT Denmark partnership implements the LILO methodologies together in East Africa and Tunisia. With an amazing ability to understand the complexity of people and their diverse realities, Patsy finds innovative solutions. Genuinely interested in helping others grow, she has inspired personal and professional development in me. Exuding warmth, she listens so deeply to the things that I don’t even know that I am saying! I have deeply appreciated her insight.

Nicole Scharf, East Africa Programme Co-ordinator, LGBT Denmark

"You will be valued and heard."

Patsy is very comfortable in a school environment and has worked with all our constituents – staff, girls and their parents. She is a good listener and never offers trite advice. People always feel valued and heard, even in conflict situations. She encourages, engages and empowers; you feel comfortable to be vulnerable on sensitive issues because there is no judgement.Most of all, you feel safe. 

Marianne Bailey, Executive Head of Durban Girls’ College

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