Alkimia: Latin (variation of Alchemy) / ‘al-ki-mia /

noun: taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, in a way that cannot be explained.

We believe in the magic within and between individuals. People have within themselves a capacity to transform and take control of their own lives. Transformed people bring about transformed community systems; this is why we believe that focussing on the individual can effect change beyond our reach.

The design of Alkimia is inspired by the basket weaving of African cultures. We are wired to live in unity and harmony with ourselves and each other. Connection is at the heart of everything we do, because connection enables a safe space that empowers us to be more of our true selves. Alkimia represents authentic individuals, communities and organisations who are confident in their  identities and believe in the mark they leave on the world and the people around them.



Positive Vibes Trust

Patsy and Tulimelila are proud to be associate consultants for Positive Vibes Trust, a Namibian and South African solidarity and human rights-based organisation that is dedicated to the end of ‘othering’. They work across Africa and beyond. Through their cutting-edge work and unique processes, Positive Vibes has always paved the way for many other organisations to engage in innovative new ways of working. Their partnerships with funders such as Frontline AIDS, SIDA, Global Fund, Africa Groups of Sweden and other organisations like LGBT Denmark and the HSRC have allowed extensive reach and deep impact.

One of their principal offerings is a revolutionary workshop approach called LILO, or Looking In, Looking Out. As one of the primary architects behind these products, Patsy has brought to bear her considerable breadth of experience and compounded it into powerful experiential processes that play an integral role in human development and change. As one of the LILO Master Trainers and now as a budding writer, Tulimelila has delivered LILO all over the world for multiple audiences in diverse contexts and through this has developed a deep and nuanced view of process facilitation, people, and how to grow and nurture other trainee facilitators. LILO is now a suite of 17 curricula that can be accessed through contacting the Positive Vibes Trust.

Patsy spent 8 years working for a counselling organisation in Namibia in the early days of the AIDS response. Her organization was initially tasked by the Ministry of Health, supported by USAID, with training 1500 lay counsellors across Namibia and Patsy was involved in designing and developing the training material for this. She went on to develop other workshops for families; children and adolescents, parents, couples. A passionate parent herself, she loved the opportunity to support children and teenagers and parents to have better communication skills and deeper relationships. Much of what she learnt through this work fed into the theoretical framework for the Positive Vibes LILO methodology.



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